Logo and Stationary Design

Storyhaus is an independent video production and animation company that turns your most important stories into films with impact.



Storyhaus was created in 2019 by an ambitious entrepreneur with the intention of creating a company that you can trust with your technological and story-driven needs. 

They turned to me to help them form their idea into a visual concept for their brand.

They wanted an icon that was minimal, modern, "technological" and could evoke a feeling of artful curiosity. 

Story Haus Intro.png
Storyhaus_Stationary Presentation-03.tif
Story Hause Icons-10.jpg

Above all else, my client wanted their brand to still feel personal, "at home", so I began by taking a minimal approach to the basic shape of a house and adjusting it until I found something that we both could agree fit the other categories as well.

Storyhaus_Stationary Presentation-01.tif