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Digital Campaign

The AIGA Minnesota's first season of the Spotlight series aimed to shine a light on emerging designers from across the state by showcasing their work on our social media platforms.


As AD of the AIGA MN chapter communications team, I helped create the Spotlight Series with the help of my partner @checkonetwodesign . Together we created a google form questionnaire, judged the work of participants, and animated social media videos to promote the series.

A majority of the campaign lived on Instagram but it was also featured on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. I suggested that we collaborate with the designers across platforms and animated the Instagram stories seen below.

Spotlight Intro.jpg
Spotlight Series_Brand-08.png
Spotlight Series_Brand-09.png
Spotlight Series_Brand-10.png

Featured designers were sent an Instagram story video that reads "...FEATURING...ME!" they could post to direct their audience to the AIGA page. AIGA would post a similar color-coordinated Instagram story that reads "NOW FEATURING..." on that same day.

What if the campaign extended into the real world? As a pandemic conscious event?

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