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Packaging & Brand Identity 

As an alternative to household objects, GOOD GOOD Chews Dog Food provides your dog with something tasty and healthy to chew on. Your dog will know when it’s time to chew by the squeaking sound the package makes.


For this project I looked into the realistic relationships that people have with their dogs and aimed to create a product that works well for both. I discovered that, truthfully, dogs chew on things they shouldn’t but it’s a common story to be told between owners and we enjoy the laughter our pups bring.

I wanted to add a bit more of an organic look to the logo so I cut out the words from construction paper and experimented with different possible textures for the edges.

GOOD Intro_NEW.jpg
GOOD Patterns-01.png
GOOD Patterns-02.png
GOOD Patterns-03.png

Customers are also prompted to squeeze the bag’s squeaker in order to get
their dog’s attention. The back of the bags include a “True Chew” story
submitted by customers as well as a corresponding graphic.


“True Chew” Stories would be used for community building and interaction with the brand. Customers could submit a

humorous story about their dogs and share it on the website for a chance to be featured on the bag and become more

aware of other promotional items/sales.

Advertising would emphasize the brand's unique package design and humorous nature.

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